Original Scores, Original Songs, Orchestrations & Rearrangements.


Music Supervision, Curation and Licensing of smallHOLIDAY Recording Artist Catalog & Skyrmish Score Archive, Custom Library Creation Service & Copyist Services.


Original Soundscapes & Sound Effects.


Comprehensive Brand Audio Identity Strategies.

Some highlights.

In addition to an award-winning collective of musicians, engineers and producers in Los Angeles and London, Skyrmish is privileged to have an exclusive engagement with Artists on the smallHOLIDAY Records roster.
A streamlined ‘one-stop shop’ workflow for licensing both master and publishing on the entire smallHOLIDAY and Skyrmish catalogs makes swift turnaround simple.
Skyrmish Sound Designers create their sonic palettes from the ground up using freshly recorded organic sounds and vintage processes, thereby ensuring that all audio has a totally unique thumbprint.
The Skyrmish Music Education & Outreach program provides underprivileged members of the community in Los Angeles and London with ongoing music educational resources and support.