Skyrmish : A Musical Legacy

Founded in 1912 by pioneering composer, inventor and diarist Randolph Skyrme, Skyrmish is the oldest continuously operating bespoke music and sound design establishment in the western hemisphere.

The company name is a portmanteau of ‘Skyrme’ and ‘Skirmish’; encompassing the family surname as well as the founder’s deeply held belief that great collaborative art is the result of conflicting opinion resolved through heated swordplay.

Today the company is run by the founder’s great grandsons Conan, Thomas and Christopher Skyrme. The brothers successfully uphold the family legacy by providing clients with uniquely handcrafted musical experiences. Maintaining meticulous attention to detail they produce musical scores and soundscapes of lasting quality, perfectly tailored to the moving image and exclusively fitted to their clients’ needs and individual style.


Randolph in his study : 1914

We encourage you to take a moment to reflect on their heritage, as they so often do: